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Fully adult voters? Or puerile crybabies?

I might wonder, today, whether I should avoid honoring Mary Harris “Mother” Jones as a hero. Her beliefs suggest that I should. While she was an avid and successful union organizer in the US until her death at age 93 in 1930, she did not believe in suffrage for women.* Since she didn't espouse ALL of my political requirements, I should--according to the political purists--fail to honor her.

Funny that, just this morning over breakfast, I lamented the modern habit of black and white political thinking. That is the thinking that allowed the Tories/Conservatives (for Americans, Tories are comparable to Republicans) to win the most recent UK elections.

(To read more about political crybabies, Jeremy Corbyn, and other signs of possible life on earth after Cameron, click here.)

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